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HiCycle Durability Tester

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HiCycle Durability Tester

The ViVitro HiCycle Durability Tester is used to determine the durability of replacement heart valves and other cardiac devices under physiological loading for R&D and regulatory submissions.

With the Hitest Data Acquisition System, operators can monitor pressure and collect data according to ISO 5840 standards.

The HiCycle system uses an electrodynamic motor driving six pistons within fluid-filled, temperature-controlled chambers to move the device rather than the fluid. This results in higher energy efficiency and stable fluid flow. The devices can be cycled at accelerated rates up to 1,650 cycles/minute.

Clear viewports allow imaging of the device during testing, and pressure ports allow monitoring of the dynamic pressures upstream and downstream of the device.
Each test chamber is independent of the others to offer testing flexibility.

Read our FAQs:

10 ways ViVitro HiCycle compares to equipment built in-house.

How do I mount my device in the ViVitro HiCycle?

Contact us for a more comprehensive understanding of how the ViVitro HiCycle can expand and enhance your device testing capabilities.


Product Code: HCS4991+C
Related Part Numbers: 16587 HiCycle Module,   11270-B HiCycle Controller,  HCDA 2010 Data Acquisition System, 08311 I/O Module,  AP9991 AmPack


  • Test up to 6 device designs simultaneously
  • Electrodynamic drive mechanism is quiet, stable, and reliable
  • Temperature controlled
  • Independent chambers allow for quick device change-out and startup
  • Rotatable Scan-Valve with mounted transducers for quick pressure collection
  • Angled windows assist in chamber de-bubbling
  • Transparent materials provide flow and device visualization
  • Adjustable sync pulse to output for synchronization


Pulse Duplicator

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Pulse Duplicator

The ViVitro Pulse Duplicator system is the world’s most widely cited and most used in-vitro cardiovascular hydrodynamic testing system.

The ViVitro Pulse Duplicator simulates the function of the heart (left or right) by generating pulsatile flow through prosthetic heart valves placed in the Model Left Heart. Powered by the ViVitro SuperPump, it is composed of the ViVitro Model Left Heart, SuperPump, Flow Measuring System and ViViTest data acquisition system. The components work together to assess the performance of prosthetic heart valves under simulated cardiac conditions. The ViVitro Pulse Duplicator System is used by the US Food and Drug Administration and is recognised by regulatory bodies worldwide including TÜV, BSI and the Chinese SFDA.

The Pulse Duplicator System assesses the performance of cardiovascular devices and prosthetic heart valves under simulated cardiac conditions. It simulates physiological or other complex flow variations while allowing the user to vary the peripheral resistance and compliance of the system. Pressure ports and flow measuring locations allow for data to be collected from aortic or mitral sites. Transparent viewpoints allow multiple viewing angles of the valve including inflow and outflow.

Combined with the ViVitest software control system, it quickly, easily and reliably collects and analyzes physiological flow and pressure data. The ViVitest software also allows the user to
easily modify and customize waveforms.

The ViVitro Pulse Duplicator System is cited in numerous studies throughout the world.   Visit our Citation Database for the current list of applications and articles.

Read our FAQs:

Contact Us for a more comprehensive understanding of how the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator can be customized to expand and enhance your device testing capabilities.


Product Code: PD2010
Related Part Numbers: SD2001 Model Left Heart, FS0992 Flow Meter
  • Capable of testing a range of prosthetic heart valves including stented tissue, percutaneous, stentless, mechanical, and other valves
  • Flow and pressure readings can be acquired meeting ISO 5840 frequency response and accuracy requirements and analyzed for device performance to ISO 5840 requirements
  • Peripheral resistance and supplementary characteristic compliances to simulate cardiovascular character and resistance
  • Evaluate LVAD or other assist devices (with customization)
  • Test structural heart and peripheral vascular devices


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The ViVitro SuperPump is a digitally controlled hydraulic piston pulsatile pump that creates physiological cardiac flows. Unsurpassed in reliability, functionality, and versatility, the AR Series digital technology provides maximum control with precision accuracy. The SuperPump works with ViVitro or independently produced accessories to create reliable cardiac flows for any type of cardiovascular device.

The ViVitro SuperPump is used in numerous studies throughout the world.   Visit our Citation Database for the current list of applications and articles.

The SuperPump provides maximum operator control with precision accuracy. The pump can be controlled by preconfigured waveforms or by customizable ViViTest software input.


  • Provides controlled pulsatile flow
  • Digital motor with high torque to inertia ratio provides smooth and reliable functionality
  • Controller offers variable amplitude and monitors position and velocity
  • Made with materials that are chemically compatible with most sterilization and testing solutions
  • Arrhythmia and wave train function
  • Piston-in-cylinder pump head design
  • Proven history of reliability


The SuperPump AR is pre-loaded with up to 5 waveforms stored on the controller which enables the pump to be used as a standalone device. Custom waveforms may also be stored on the controller for standalone use.

The ViVitro SuperPump AR Series can be driven by external waveform sources giving flexibility for waveform input. Function generators, personal computers with I/O functionality, custom hardware, microcontroller development boards, and even smartphones can directly control the flow output of the pump. SuperPump feedback can be captured using an oscilloscope or other acquisition device to monitor waveform accuracy. A major advantage of the ViVitro Labs SuperPump AR is its ability to accurately follow user-defined waveforms. The system can provide accurate flows for a wide variety of applications.

Our new data sheet explains this in detail.  Here are some highlights:

There are four options for running our fluid pump with waveforms:

  • Pre-loaded waveforms
  • ViViGen software to create and upload custom waveforms
  • External Waveform sources including function generators, PCs with I/O functionality, hardware, micro-controller development boards, and even smartphones
  • ViViTest software to drive the controller directly while performing tests

Download the Data Sheet or call or email us to learn more about ViVitro Labs Waveform options.


Contact us for more details about how the ViVitro SuperPump can expand and enhance your device testing capabilities.


Product Code: 10647

Testing Capabilities

• Heart valve function testing
• Peripheral devices
• Vascular devices
• Aortic Valve By-Pass
• LVADs simulator
• Flow transducer evaluation/calibration
• Isolated heart driver
• Echo Doppler flow phantom
• Neurovascular studies
• Blood vessel flow studies
• MRI studies
• Bioreactors & Incubators
• Applications requiring physiological flows and pressure
• Other cardiovascular devices



Real-Time Wear Tester

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Real-Time Wear Tester

The ViVitro Real-Time Wear Tester (RWT) is a quasi-real-time wear tester for heart valve replacements, venous Valve replacements, occluder devices, cardiac patches or strips, medical sutures, staples or clips, and other cardiovascular devices. It can be customized for devices and device mounting arrangements (including conduit mounted valves and large prosthetic heart valves).

The RWT gives users full control over the waveform driving the system while testing numerous devices simultaneously.

With the Hitest Data Acquisition System, RWT operators are able to collect and analyze pressure data according to ISO5840 standards through an intuitive user interface. Quasi-real-time results may identify failure modes similar to animal tests for prosthetic heart valves.

  • Each tester is equipped with six chambers and able to test up to six devices simultaneously
  • Customizable waveform input
  • Durability and fatigue testing up to 200 cpm

Read our FAQ: How do I mount my device in the ViVitro RWT?

Contact us for a more comprehensive understanding of how the ViVitro Real-Time Wear Tester can expand and enhance your device testing capabilities.


Product Code: 12521

Testing Capabilities:

  • Heart Valve Replacements
  • Venous Valve Replacements
  • Occluder Devices
  • Cardiac Patches or Strips
  • Medical Sutures, Staples or Clips
  • Other Cardiovascular Devices

HiCycle valve holder
Joe with HiCycle

Function Tester

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Function Tester

Turnkey Heart Valve Testing System

The ViVitro Function Tester provides a simplified system to assess valve performance criteria for production quality control. The Function Tester assesses pressure and flow criteria while recording high speed valve footage via an integrated camera.

Consisting of a digital camera, quick change cartridge, and QCTest software, the Function Tester is an add-on to the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator and is intended for Production / QC applications. The Function Tester quickly captures reliable results for a fraction of the cost of designing an in-house system.

QCTest software is the only turnkey validated function test software system on the market. The software is easy to use and operates through a USB Multifunction Measurement and Control Board, compatible with 64-bit operating systems.

Developed as a quality control tool for QC heart valve function testing, the ViVitro Function Tester measures valve performance in accordance with regulatory requirements.

QCTest software includes security, risk management, simplified user interface, error checking, control steps and standard disposition outputs. Developed by ViVitro the software meets validation requirements outlined in the FDA General Principles of Software Validation; Final Guidance for Industry, document.

Contact us to learn more about the Function Tester and how ViVitro engineering staff can help you meet your Quality Control needs.



QCTest Screen
Screenshot of Test Tab





ViViflow Flow Meter

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ViViflow Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The ViViFlow Electromagnetic flow meter accurately measures flow for testing, research and laboratory applications. Platform independent, the flow meter can be used separately, or with the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator or Endovascular Simulator. It is compatible with the ViVitro I/O module and Data Acquisition System.

The ViViFlow offers the following benefits:

  • Improved performance (accuracy and flow measuring range)
  • Reduced susceptibility to noise and drift
  • Increased reliability
  • Easier calibration and faster start-up time
  • Platform independent for use with non-ViVitro applications


Product Code: FS0992 Flow Meter




Endovascular Simulator

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The ViVitro Endovascular Simulator creates physiological pulsatile flow and pressures for testing many types of cardiovascular devices and can be used for any portion of the cardiovascular system.

Our vascular flow platform brings physiological pulsatility to anatomical models for research and development. The simulator can easily be reconfigured for bench top, cath lab or portable cart installation.

The Endovascular Simulator addresses requirements of ISO 5840, ISO 25539, and ISO 7198 standards as they include simulated use guidelines.

Control a live cardiac flow in a standalone configuration. Using the ViVitro SuperPump, the Endovascular Simulator’s programmable waveform system delivers physiological pulsatile flow. Test a variety of endovascular medical devices and delivery systems by adding anatomical models, including abnormalities or custom patient-specific models.

Simulated-use testing

Use the ViVitro Endovascular Simulator to demonstrate that devices can be delivered and deployed in a safe, consistent and accurate manner within the intended implant site and with intended use conditions.

Endovascular simulation training

The Endovascular Simulator offers a clinically relevant practice model for physicians. Visible anatomy provides feedback while navigating anatomical structures and abnormalities that may be encountered during actual procedures.

Physicians sharpen their skills and increase their confidence in a safe and realistically simulated environment. Learning a delivery system while experiencing physiological pulsatile flow and pressures encountered when maneuvering stents, catheters, wires, balloons, heart valves and other endovascular devices instills invaluable feedback.

Contact us to learn how the ViVitro Labs EV Simulator can facilitate your device testing and training challenges.


Product Code: 25686


The Endovascular Simulator provides functional design testing for:

  • Pulsatile flow interactions
  • Deployment accuracy
  • Sizing
  • Conformability
  • Trackability and pushability
  • Torquability