HiCycle Durability Tester

The HiCycle is an accelerated wear tester (AWT) used to determine the durability or fatigue of replacement heart valves and other cardiac devices under physiological loading for R&D and regulatory submissions.

When combined with the HiTest data acquisition system, operators are able to collect and analyze pressure data according to ISO-5840 standards through an intuitive user interface.

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HiCycle AR Series User Manual Revised June 2014

  • The tester’s compact design allows for it to be mounted on a counter top or on a mobile cart
  • Tests new valves for durability and fatigue in a range of 500cpm to 1800cpm
  • Able to test heart and venous valves, occluders, cardiac patches, and other devices
  • A temperature controller maintains test fluid from ambient up to 40°C ±0.50°

HiCycle Durability Tester

  • Scan-Valve with fix mounted transducers for quick pressure collection
  • Electromagnetic drive mechanism for quiet, stable, and reliable operation
  • Energy efficient and robust design reduces the need to replace costly consumable components
  • Independent chambers allow for quick device change-out and start-up
  • Temperature controlled
  • Proven history of reliability
  • Materials are chemically compatible with testing solutions and most sterilization methods
Dry Weight
95 lbs
Dimensions without cart
12″ x 22″
Dimensions with cart
24″ x 24″ x 48″
Cycle Rates
500 – 1800cpm (Low cycle rates are device dependent)
Power requirements
115V / 230VAC, 50-60Hz
Temperature Range
up to 40°C ± 0.5°C
Volume per chamber

HiCycle Durability Tester

When combined with the HiTest Data Acquisition System, operators are able to monitor pressure and collect data through an intuitive user interface.

HiTest provides accurate pressure data and statistical analysis to ensure the tested devices are meeting ISO 5840 standards. The results highlight the percent of cycles and percent time per cycle the device is meeting or exceeding target pressure.  Download the HiTest Software overview.

  • Provides output files in versatile formats for easy analysis in Excel and MatLab
  • Step-by-step wizard walks you through calibration process
  • Multifaceted algorithms aid in analyzing data quickly
  • Statistical output to meet regulatory requirements
  • Provides output files in tabular data form
  • Provides raw data for waveform analysis
  • Backwards compatible with ViVitro products
  • .Net 3 Platform
  • Configured for 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems
  • Installer allows for easy updates
  • Singular program eliminates the need for intrusive third party software

Hi-Test Software

HiCycle Durability Tester

HiCycle Cart

The ViVitro HiCycle Cart is specifically designed to make the ViVitro HiCycle system portable and raise it to a comfortable working height.

  • Locating pin and quick release fasteners for turning the HiCycle in place
  • Locking castor wheels for secure positioning
  • Reduces vibration noise from system operation
Hi-Cycle Cart


ViVitro offers a compact, battery-operated stroboscope to view devices while undergoing cycling. This rechargeable hand-held system allows for easy mobility to tester throughout the lab. The stroboscope also provides fast and accurate cycle per minute measurements to verify cycle rates.

  • User adjustable flash rates
  • Phase shift feature allows user to advance or retard flash timing by degrees of angle, without changing actual fpm
  • Includes AC adapter and extra flash bulb
  • External trigger (0 to 5V TTL) and clock output



Flash Range
40.0 to 12,500 fpm (flashes per minute)
Speed Range
40 to 59,000 rpm
0.1 fpm: 100 to 9,999 fpm; 1 fpm: 10,000 to 12,500 fpm
±0.5 fpm/rpm or ±0.01% of reading, whichever is greater
Power Supply
NiMh rechargeable battery
1 lb 7 oz (650g)

Digital Manometer

This precision, handheld, digital pressure reference manometer allows for convenient calibration of pressure transducers.

  • Engineering Units - Inches of H2O (select 4° C, 20° C, or 60° C), PSI, mm of Hg, inches of Hg, mBars, Bars, kPa, kg/cm2, cm of H2O and user selectable scaling.
  • Accuracy: ±0.05% FS or optional ±0.025% FS
  • Media Compatibility - DN: Non-isolated differential sensor for clean, dry, non-corrosive gases. GI & AI: Isolated Gauge or Absolute sensor for fluids compatible with 316L SS
  • Provided with three transducer manifold
  • The M2 series can be recalibrated in the field for zero, span, and linearity. The user has the option to select a 1 point or 5 point calibration procedure. Enables users with accurate primary standards to calibrate their devices locally if desired


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