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Pulse Duplicator

The ViVitro Pulse Duplicator system is the world’s most widely used in vitro cardiovascular hydrodynamic testing system.

It is composed of the ViVitro Model Left Heart, SuperPump, Flow Measuring System and ViViTest data acquisition system. The components work together to assess the performance of prosthetic heart valves under simulated cardiac conditions.

The Pulse Duplicator System simulates the function of the heart by generating pulsatile flow through prosthetic heart valves placed in the Model Left Heart. The Pulse Duplicator simulates physiological or other complex flow variations while allowing the user to vary the peripheral resistance and compliance of the system. Pressure ports and flow measuring locations allow for data to be collected from aortic or mitral sites. Transparent viewpoints allow multiple viewing angles of the valve including inflow and outflow.

When the ViViTest software control system is combined with the ViVitro Labs Pulse Duplicator, physiological flow and pressure can be quickly, easily and reliably collected, and analyzed. The software also allows the user to easily modify and customize the waveforms the pump follows.

The ViVitro Pulse Duplicator System is used by the US Food and Drug Administration and is recognized by a number of other regulatory bodies worldwide including TÜV, BSI and the Chinese SFDA.

The ViVitro Pulse Duplicator System is cited in numerous studies throughout the world.   Visit our Citation Database for the current list of applications and articles.

Read our FAQ: 10 ways ViVitro Pulse Duplicator compares to equipment built in-house.

Contact Us for a more comprehensive understanding of how the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator can be customized to expand and enhance your device testing capabilities.


Product Code: PD2010
Related Part Numbers: SD2001 Model Left Heart, FS0992 Flow Meter
  • Capable of testing a range of prosthetic heart valves including stented tissue, percutaneous, stentless, mechanical, and other valves
  • Flow and pressure readings can be acquired meeting ISO 5840 frequency response and accuracy requirements and analyzed for device performance to ISO 5840 requirements
  • Peripheral resistance and supplementary characteristic compliances to simulate cardiovascular character and resistance
  • Evaluate LVAD or other assist devices (with customization)
  • Test structural heart and peripheral vascular devices
  • Flow and pressure readings can be collected and analyzed in real-time, meeting ISO 5840 requirements
  • Controls pulsatile fluid flows to simulate various cardiac flow conditions including arrhythmia, normal, hypo and hypertensive states at an assortment of cardiac outputs and beat rates
  • Transducer sites allow measurement of wall pressures in the atrium, ventricle, and aortic outflow tract
  • Flow can be measured directly at the aortic or mitral sites
  • Simulates cardiovascular peripheral resistance and compliance
  • Thin acrylic windows permit echo imaging, Doppler flow measurements, and PIV for interrogation of flow field regions
  • Allows hydrodynamic testing of heart valve replacements in order to assess mechanical and hemodynamic performance
  • Ventricle membrane to replicate the natural chamber flow
  • For testing other implantable cardiac devices including Occluder and Closure Devices, customizations, optional components, and accessories are available
Pump & MLH
53 x 92 x 45 cm
DAS & Flow System
48 x 33 x 32 cm
Dry weight: Actuator +
Model Left Heart + VIA
18 kg
Dry weight:
Flow Measuring System
5.6 kg
Operating Voltage
90-240 VAC / 50-60Hz
Temperature range
Ambient to 40°C ± 0.1°C
Flow rate
2 - 15 L/min
Heart rate
30 - 220 bpm



Model Left Heart System Components

Product Code: SD2001 Model Left Heart

The ViVitro Model Left Heart includes transparent parts to visualize valve function and adjacent flow fields. Ports are available for transducers to measure wall pressures in the left atrium, left ventricle, aortic outflow tract and downstream of the aortic valve.


When coupled with the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator, ViViTest provides the most powerful, user-friendly tool for hydrodynamic testing.

The ViViTest control system inputs a waveform to the SuperPump while the data acquisition system captures and analyzes physiological pressures and valve flow rates.


Data Acquisition

  • Flow and pressure readings can be collected and analyzed in real time meeting ISO 5840, ISO 5840-3 and FDA requirements
  • Calibration wizards walk new users through the set up process, facilitating a wide array of data collection options.
  • Collects pressure and flow data for complete hydrodynamic performance.
  • Provides output files in versatile formats for easy analysis in Excel and MatLab

Waveform Control

  • Ability to create and control cardiac waveforms at various physiological states and frequencies, including arrhythmia and wave trains
  • Waveforms can be easily created with up to 1200 control statements
Product Code: PDA2010 Data Acquisition System
PN 08311 I/O Module and AP9991 AmPack
  • Backwards compatible with ViVitro products
  • .Net 3 Platform
  • Configured for 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems
  • Installer allows for easy updates
  • Singular program eliminates the need for intrusive third party software

ViVitest Data

Viscoelastic Impedance Adapter (VIA)

Product Code: VIA7991

The Viscoelastic Impedance Adapter (VIA) works in conjunction with the SuperPump to produce more physiological ventricular pressures.  It consists of a fixed resistive element and two adjustable compliance chambers, that simulate ventricular viscoelastic behavior.

  • The dp/dt ratio can be adjusted to produce both physiological and diseased cardiac models
  • Filters high frequency noise when testing prosthetic valves and aortic roots
  • Easily adjusted


Fixed resistance
200 c.g.s. units
Compliance air volumes
SOURCE 0-120 ml, OUTPUT 0-60 ml, syringe adjustable
Total liquid volume
500 ml with SOURCE / OUTPUT compliance air volumes zero
Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Delrin, Nylon, Polyethylene, Stainless Steel, Viton
Viscoelastic Impedance Adapter (VIA)

Function Tester

Product Codes: FT18407 Camera and Camera Mount Assembly, FT18652 Function Tester Load Assembly

The ViVitro Labs Function Tester is an accessory to the ViVitro Labs Pulse Duplicator and intended for Production / QC applications. It provides a simplified system that assesses valve performance criteria for production quality control.

Configured as a turnkey solution, it captures fast, reliable results for a fraction of the cost of designing an in-house system.

The Function Tester, in conjunction with QCTest software, assesses pressure and flow criteria while recording high speed valve footage via an integrated camera.

  • Capture pressure and flow data including:
    • Transvalvular Pressure
    • Effective Orifice Area
    • Regurgitant Fraction
  • Capture high-speed video with integrated camera
  • Administrators set operation parameters for technicians:
    • Operating conditions
    • User defined Pass/Fail performance assessment
    • Defined calibration expiry intervals
  • Test data is tracked by linking result logs to valve model and serial number
  • Quick-change valve holder can be custom-tailored to valve design

The ViVitro Labs Function Tester system includes a quick-change valve holder that is can be customized to specific valve geometry.


GDZ Function Tester B 1256

Heat Exchanger

Product Code: HE9991

The ViVitro heat exchanger is a highly efficient add-on to the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator. It allows the heating of test fluid with minimal interference of the fluid flow.

  • An isolated inflow and outflow metal heat conducting channel transfers heat to the solution
  • Maintains testing solution to desired temperature ± 0.5 °C.

Heat Bath Temperature Controller

Product Code: 10679 N.A., 10680 Int'l

These heated circulating baths feature a long life, high-wattage heater that delivers rapid fluid heat-up, optimized for the ViVitro Pulse Duplicator

  • The over temperature and low reservoir level cutoffs eliminate risk of over heating system components


Reservoir volume
6 litres (1.5 gallons)
Temperature range
ambient 15°C to 150°C
Digital ±0.05°C
Work area dimensions
8 x 6 x 5¼ inches (20 x 15 x 13 cm)
Overall dimensions
9¼ x 14 x 14¾ inches (23 x 36 x 37 cm)
1000 W
Pumping capacity
12 L/min at 0 psig
Electrical requirements
115 VAC, 60 Hz, 15 amp or 230 VAC, 50 Hz 10 amps (specify when ordering)

Aortic Conduit Mount (formerly LVOT)

Product Code: 18903

The ViVitro Aortic Conduit Mount (formerly LVOT) can be used to mount a compliant aorta and test percutaneous valves in the ViVitro Model Left Heart system. A variety of Aortic Conduit Mount sizes can be custom made to accommodate silicone tubes with relaxed tube IDs of 12-29 mm. A tube may be expandable up to about 50mm OD.

Available in the following sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, and 29 mm ID.


LVOT Assemblies

Large Atrium Chamber

Product Code: 21179

The Large Atrium chamber allows devices with an outer diameter of up to 55mm to be tested in the Pulse Duplicator.

• Expands the mitral device testing capabilities of the system

• Easily added to a ViVitro Labs Pulse Duplicator

• Quick-release system allows fast device changes


Percutaneous Access Device

Transapical Access Product Code: 18496
Transfemoral Access Product Code: 18497

ViVitro can provide two methods of deploying devices into the Pulse Duplicator; either Transfemoral or Transapical access. The Percutaneous Access Device is designed to accommodate up to 26 French deployment devices and mounts easily to a ViVitro Model Left Heart. Insertion of such devices can be done while the flow loop is operating under pressure.


Digital Manometer

Product Code: 6104

This precision, handheld, digital pressure reference manometer allows for convenient calibration of pressure transducers.

  • Engineering Units - Inches of H2O (select 4 °C, 20 °C, or 60 °F), PSI, mm of Hg, inches of Hg, mBars, Bars, kPa, kg/cm2, cm of H2O and user selectable scaling.
  • Accuracy: ±0.05% FS or optional ±0.025% FS
  • Media Compatibility - DN: Non-isolated differential sensor for clean, dry, non-corrosive gases. GI & AI: Isolated Gauge or Absolute sensor for fluids compatible with 316L SS
  • Provided with three transducer manifold
  • The M2 series can be recalibrated in the field for zero, span, and linearity. The user has the option to select a 1 point or 5 point calibration procedure. Enables users with accurate primary standards to calibrate their devices locally if desired

Digital Thermometer

Product Code: 24086

The digital thermometer allows for easy fluid temperature measurement in the Pulse Duplicator.

  • Traceable to standards provided by NIST
  • Accuracy/Resolution: 0.1° from -20 to +100°C
Digital Thermometer Product Code: 24086


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