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The ViVitro SuperPump is the most widely used and cited pump for creating cardiac flows. It is unsurpassed in reliability, functionality, and versatility.

The ViVitro SuperPump is used in numerous studies throughout the world.   Visit our Citation Database for the current list of applications and articles.

The SuperPump provides maximum operator control with precision accuracy. The pump can be controlled by preconfigured waveforms or by customizable ViViTest software input.


  • Provides controlled pulsatile flow
  • Digital motor with high torque to inertia ratio provides smooth and reliable functionality
  • Controller offers variable amplitude and monitors position and velocity
  • Made with materials that are chemically compatible with most sterilization and testing solutions
  • Arrhythmia and wave train function
  • Piston-in-cylinder pump head design
  • Proven history of reliability


A major advantage of the ViVitro Labs SuperPump AR is its ability to accurately follow user-defined waveforms. The system can provide accurate flows for a wide variety of applications.

Our new data sheet explains this in detail.  Here are some highlights:

There are four options for running our fluid pump with waveforms:

  • Pre-loaded waveforms
  • ViViGen software to create and upload custom waveforms
  • External Waveform sources including function generators, PCs with I/O functionality, hardware, micro-controller development boards, and even smartphones
  • ViViTest software to drive the controller directly while performing tests

Download the Data Sheet or call or email us to learn more about ViVitro Labs Waveform options.


Contact us for more details about how the ViVitro SuperPump can expand and enhance your device testing capabilities.


Product Code: 10647

Testing Capabilities

  • Heart valve replacement function testing
  • Peripheral devices
  • Vascular devices
  • Aortic Valve By-Pass
  • LVAD simulator
  • Flow transducer evaluation/calibration
  • Isolated heart driver
  • Echo Doppler flow phantom
  • Neurovascular studies
  • Blood vessel flow studies
  • MRI studies
  • Whenever a physiological flow and pressure are needed


Pump Head Assembly

Product Code: 16796

The optional ViVitro Pump Head assembly works with the SuperPump to create a physiological flow loop. A ventricle membrane works in conjunction with simulated aortic and mitral check valves to regulate fluid flow.

Pump Head 2

SuperPump Web acessory



Viscoelastic Impedance Adapter (VIA)

Product Code: VIA7991

The Viscoelastic Impedance Adapter (VIA) works in conjunction with the SuperPump to produce more physiological ventricular pressures.  It consists of a fixed resistive element and two adjustable compliance chambers, that simulate ventricular viscoelastic behavior.

  • The dp/dt ratio can be adjusted to produce both physiological and diseased cardiac models
  • Filters high frequency noise when testing prosthetic valves and aortic roots
  • Easily adjusted


Fixed resistance
200 c.g.s. units
Compliance air volumes
SOURCE 0-120 ml, OUTPUT 0-60 ml, syringe adjustable
Total liquid volume
500 ml with SOURCE / OUTPUT compliance air volumes zero
Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Delrin, Nylon, Polyethylene, Stainless Steel, Viton
Viscoelastic Impedance Adapter (VIA)


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