As the developer of the world’s first pulse duplicator, the ViVitro name has been synonymous with cardiovascular device testing equipment.

Our hardware and software products are used by leading R&D facilities around the world to perform Laboratory testing for ISO 5840 Cardiovascular Implants, and FDA audit compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your equipment manufactured?
All of our hardware and software products are built in our own ISO 13485 production facility.

Where are your products available?
We have shipped goods to more than 40 countries. We are very familiar with custom requirements and can assure your product is delivered without incident.

Can your products operate at 230 VAC/50 Hz?
Yes. ViVitro products are configured to meet all power requirements. Each order is accepted for the specific power requirements of the country of destination. Product is converted and tested at 120 or 240 volts. Please specify voltage requirements (120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) and plug type (NA, EU, UK) when ordering.

Do you provide installation and training?
Yes. We provide installation and training to any location. To ensure your product is properly installed and meets your expectation, it is recommended that we install the system and conduct a complete training session. This not only provides you with assurance for proper operation, it also helps you to start testing immediately.

Will you accept credit card payments?
We accept all major credit cards to make purchasing parts or accessories as convenient as possible.

What type of customer support is provided?
We offer support and training through teleconference, via proxy for software questions, and you can reach us via email or phone. Click here for contact info.

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