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Andrew K. Capullia, Maximillian Y. Emmerta, b, c, Francesco S. Pasqualinia, b, Debora Kehlb, Etem Caliskanb, c, Johan U. Linda, Sean P. Sheehya, Sung Jin Parka, Seungkuk Ahna, Benedikt Webera, b, Josue A. Gossa, Simon P. Hoerstrupa, b, Kevin Kit Parkera; Biomaterials Volume 133, July 2017, Pages 229–241

Tissue engineered scaffolds have emerged as a promising solution for heart valve replacement because of their potential for regeneration. However, traditional heart valve tissue engineering has relied on resource-intensive, cell-based manufacturing, which increases cost and hinders clinical translation. ...We demonstrated controlled modulation of these scaffold parameters and show initial biocompatibility and functionality in vitro...

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Bozkurt, S., Preston-Maher, G.L., Torii, R. et al. Ann Biomed Eng (2017). doi:10.1007/s10439-017-1828-2 First Online: 03 April 2017

Mitral regurgitation is a common mitral valve dysfunction which may lead to heart failure. This paper presents the design, development and hydrodynamic assessment of a novel bi-leaflet mitral valve suitable for transcatheter implantation. ... animal models. Hydrodynamic Tests. The hydrodynamic performances of the three valve prototypes were assessed on a hydro-mechanical cardiovascular pulse duplicator system (ViVitro Superpump SP3891, ViVitro, BC) (Fig. 3 ...

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Wentao Feng, Xianda Yang, Yang Liu, Yubo Fan Artificial Organs, 24 February 2017

Clinically, the percutaneous transcatheter aortic valve (TAV) has been reported to be deformed in a noncircular configuration after its implant. The deformation is universal and various, and it leads to serious leakage and durability problems. ...the present study investigated the effects of the aortic annulus deformation and the leaflet tissue thickness on the hydrodynamics of the TAV. ... Hydrodynamic testing. The TAVs were tested in a quasi-physiological artery pulsatile flow duplicator system, which was custom remoulded to adapt the testing of deformed TAV from commercially available pulse duplicator (Pulse Duplicator; Vivitro Labs, Victoria, BC, Canada.). ...

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Sharan Ramaswamy, Makensley Lordeus, Omkar V. Mankame, Lilliam Valdes-Cruz, Steven Bibevski, Sarah M. Bell, Ivan Baez, Frank Scholl: Cardiovasc Eng Tech (2016).

...Assess the functional effectiveness of tri-leaflet PSIS bioscaffolds in the aortic position compared to standard tri-leaflet porcine bioprosthetic valves... ... (b) Pulse duplicator system (Vivitro Laboratories) used for the hydrodynamic evaluation of the valves. ... System calibration, pump control, data collection and analysis are all computer-controlled via software (Vivitest, Vivitro Labs). ...

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Claudio Capelli, Chiara Corsini, Dario Biscarini, Francesco Ruffini, Francesco Migliavacca, Alfred Kocher, Guenther Laufer, Andrew M. Taylor, Silvia Schievano, Martin Andreas, Gaetano Burriesci, Claus Rath: Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology (2016). doi:10.1007/s13239-016-0284-8

...Recently, novel bioprostheses which include a stent-based anchoring system have been introduced to allow rapid implantation, therefore reducing the duration and invasiveness of the intervention. ...The results showed how the performance of cardiac valve substitutes is negatively affected by the presence of pledget-armed sutures... ...The measurements were collected during ten cardiac cycles and analysed in the VSI software pack- age (VSI, ViVitro, Victoria, BC, Canada). The leaflets kinematics were visualised using a high-speed camera. For ...

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Onur Dur, Keif Fitzgerald, Paul Muller, Chris Parker Thoratec Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA company slide

The HeartMate PHP is a 13F catheter-based trans-aortic heart pump with a collapsible distal portion that expands to 24F to provide minimally invasive acute hemodynamic stabilization and left ventricular unloading in both prophylactic and emergent clinical settings... Objective: To evaluate the interaction of the HeartMate PHP with native cardiovascular system via in vitro pulsatile mock flow loop testing. A custom-built pulsatile heart simulator adapted from Vivitro Pulse Duplicator (Vivitro Labs Inc., Canada) was tuned to generate physiological flow pressure waveforms while mimicking the preload sensitivity of the native heart.

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Cole Feagler, Zeeshan Syedain and Robert Tranquillo University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering Poster Report

While most commercial valves today use chemically-fixed porcine tissue in the construction of the replacement valves, the Tranquillo group has been exploring the use of decellularized, engineered tissue as leaflet material... ...The goal of this project was to engineer a commissure design to mitigate valve failure through tissue tearing, and to improve overall valve hemodynamics. (I.e. reduction of PVL)... ...Prototype TEHVs were tested to failure using a ViVitro Labs pulse duplicator, running custom LabView data acquisition software...

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Riccardo Toninatoa, Jacob Salmona, Francesca Maria Susin, Andrea Duccia, Gaetano Burriescia doi:10.1016/j.jbiomech.2016.05.027

The physiological flow dynamics within the Valsalva sinuses, in terms of global and local parameters, are still not fully understood. This study attempts to identify the physiological conditions as closely as possible, and to give an explanation of the different and sometime contradictory results in literature. ... 2. Material and Methods. In this study, all experiments were carried out using a hydro-mechanical pulse duplicator (Vivitro Superpump System SP3891, ViVitro Labs Inc., Canada), with pressure catheters monitoring the pressure upstream and downstream of the aortic valve. ...

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Koohyar Vahidkhah, Dan Cordasco, Mostafa Abbasi, Liang Ge, Elaine Tseng, Prosenjit Bagchi, Ali N. Azadani Annals of Biomedical Engineering pp 1-13 First online: 05 April 2016

Valvular hemolysis and thrombosis are common complications associated with stenotic heart valves. This study aims to determine the extent to which hemodynamics induce such traumatic events. The viscous shear stress downstream of a severely calcified bioprosthetic valve was evaluated via in vitro 2D particle image velocimetry measurements. ... Calcification was present on all the leaflets with a very small tear, less than 0.5 mm, on one of the leaflets (Figs. 1a, 1b). The bioprosthesis was tested at room temperature in a custom-built pulse duplicator system (ViVitro Systems, Inc., Victoria, Canada). ...

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Nandini Duraiswamy , Jason D. Weaver, Yasamin Ekrami, Stephen M. Retta, Changfu Wu Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology pp 1-13 First online: 10 February 2016

... The hydrodynamic testing was per- formed using 0.9% saline solution in the commercially available Left Heart Simulator (Vivitro Systems), which simulates function of the heart by generating pulsatile flow through prosthetic heart valves. ...In the EllipMinor and EllipMajor configurations, the maximum principal stress occurred near the center of the free edge of the “stretched” leaflets. These results further affirm recommendations by the International Standards Organization (ISO) that pre-clinical testing should consider non-circular configurations for transcatheter valve durability testing.

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