2015 Festival of Trees entry is a winner

November 18th, 2015

Congratulations to Mike Harding, DeAndra Chmelyk, Debbie Gould, Hayley Young, Nathan Muller and Kimberly Nguyen for creating a magical (and award winning) tree  for the 2015 Festival of Trees fundraiser.  Our theme was “It’s in our blood. ”  Our tree featured an LED heartbeat designed by Mike Harding and a tree topper combining elements of ViVitro and our sister company, StarFish Medical.


Every year, Victoria Festival of Trees creates a lush forest of beautifully decorated trees to raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Sponsors, local businesses, organizations and individuals come together and decorate trees in a sometimes wacky, often irreverent and always beautiful fashion. The festival invites visitors to browse through the holiday displays and donate to vote for their favourite trees. The event offers sponsors, like ViVitro Labs and StarFish Medical,  an opportunity to demonstrate community leadership, show their creative talents and support child health. – See more

To support our tree and a worthy cause, please visit the Bay Centre through January 4, 2016, and make a donation, or send one in online!

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