Accessories – Any Circulatory Loops

The ViVitro pulsatile flow pump, SuperPump, can be used to create mock circulatory loops or physiological flow loops systems for in-vitro testing of cardiovascular medical devices and research applications. ViVitro Labs provides off-the-shelf ready to use accessories that can be easily connected to the SuperPump to create any cardiac and peripheral flow loops applications in device testing, as well as pre and post-clinical research. General circulation accessories include high and low capacity compliance chambers can be added to the flow loop to meet a wide range of pressure and flow requirements in both left and right heart conditions. The ViVitro low pressure heat exchanger is designed to minimize back pressure, separate test fluid from heating fluid and at the same time shield instruments from low frequency noise. .

ViVitro SuperPump Accessories

Common SuperPump accessories used in general flow loops applications:

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