Large Atrium Chamber (Mitral and Tricuspid)

Product Code: 21179

The large atrium chamber accessory offers expanded space and flexibility for Pulse Duplicator device fixturing to accommodate a wide range of mitral and tricuspid technologies

• Expands the device testing capabilities of the system for mitral and tricuspid devices
• Quick-release system allows fast device changes
• Enhanced visibility using large viewing window for device inflow
• Customizable Valve Mounting
• Easily added to a ViVitro Pulse Duplicator
• Multiple de-bubbling ports allow quick setup and ensure accurate readings during testing
• Same in-depth pressure readings as standard chamber
• Flow Probe installation at Atrium inflow location for accurate flow measurements

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  • Expanded Space and Flexibly: The Atrium can accommodate devices with inflow diameters of 70 mm and outflow diameters of 55mm.
  • Customizable Valve Mounting: The Large Atrium package allows users to mold custom valve holders to suit the size and profile of the device being tested.
  • Large Atrium chamber for Mitral and Tricuspid devices – Integrated
  • Large Atrium chamber for Mitral and Tricuspid devices – CAD
  • Large Atrium chamber for Mitral and Tricuspid devices – standalone


Max inflow diameter
70 mm
Max outflow diameter
55 mm

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