Production Tester Load Assembly

Product Code: 18652

The ViVitro Production Tester Load assembly consists of an atrium, ventricle, and arterial outflow chamber specifically designed with a quick change cartridge to allow operators to quickly exchange test valves without draining the system during production. The cartridge is located in the aortic/pulmonary valve position and can be customized for a specific valve geometry.  The Production Tester Load assembly is adapted to the configuration of the Pulse Duplicator and is a variant of the standard Pulse Duplicator heart model without a compliant aortic chamber.   As each heart valve prosthesis is unique and requires a unique production inspection, ViVitro Labs engineers can customized the quick change cartridge to fit specific valve designs.

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  • Aortic/Pulmonary valve quick change cartridge
  • Simplified Model Left Heart for valve inspection during production
  • Customizable to meet device specifications and production needs
  • Production Tester Load Assembly
    ViVitro Production Tester Load Assembly
  • Production Tester Quick Change Cartridge
    ViVitro Labs Production Tester Quick Change Cartridge
  • Production Tester Quick Change Cartridge
    VIVitro Production Tester Quick Change Cartridge


Valve size Aortic
Up to 035mm
Flow rate
0 – 15 L/min

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