Cardiac Circulatory Loop Accessories

The ViVitro SuperPump pulsatile flow pump, can be used to create mock circulatory loops or physiological flow loops systems for in-vitro testing of cardiovascular medical devices and research applications.

ViVitro Labs provides off-the-shelf ready to use accessories that can be easily connected to the SuperPump to create flow loops specific to cardiac applications in device testing, as well as pre and post-clinical research Cardiac circulation specific accessories include a full heart model, MLH (Model Left Heart) that can be used in both left and right heart configurations.

Among other accessories, the ViVitro MLH includes ventricular and atrial chambers along with St Jude Master valve prosthesis. Various chamber sizes are available to conduct Mitral and Tricuspid valve studies. An off-the-shelf Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) specific chamber is available for surgical valve prosthesis.

Other valve prosthesis require customized PIV chambers. Aortic roots can be customized to fit various conduits.

Also see accessories for Peripheral Circulatory Loops.

SuperPump accessories commonly used
in Cardiac Flow Loop applications

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