Associations & Affiliations

ViVitro is an active member of AAMI and participates in several ISO working groups, notably ISO 5840. We also contribute to our industry (and the clients and patients it serves) through a variety of corporate responsibility initiatives.


  • Medical Implant Mechanics

Academic Activities

  • University of British Columbia; Dr. Dana Grecov – Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Applied Science
  • University of Victoria; Dr. Peter Oshkai – Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Concordia University; Lyes Kadem, Director of the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics
  • Helmholtz Institute
  • FDA – Standardization of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Techniques Used to Evaluate Performance and Blood Damage Safety in Medical Devices: An FDA Critical Path Initiative

Other Initiatives

  • Angel Heart International is a non-profit organization that specializes in curing congenital heart disease in children in rural, developing countries.
  • Working committee member of the Standard Council of Canada’s (SCC) Mirror Committee (SMC) for ISO/TC150/SC2.

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