Biomechanical modeling and hemorheological assessment of ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm, aortic heart valve, and blood clot

... thesis firstly evaluated the biomechanical contributions to ATAA progression under the influence of anatomy, hypertension, and hematocrit using fully coupled fluid-structure interaction (FSI) with arterial wall anisotropy to provide additional information in patient evaluations... ...The three different ATAA models identified different aortic expansions that were not uniform under pulsatile pressure and a geometry depended on elevated wall stress under hypertension.... ... A commercially available, 23 mm BMHV with a tissue annulus diameter / internal diameter (TAD/ID) of 18.5 mm (Figure 3.2), was used as the test model. ViVitro pulse duplicator was used to assess the performance and function of prosthetic heart valves under simulated cardiac conditions. ...

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