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Comprehensive Ex Vivo Comparison of 5 Clinically Used Conduit Configurations for Valve-Sparing Aortic Root Replacement Using a 3-Dimensional–Printed Heart Simulator

...The specific impact of such neosinuses on valvular and root biomechanics and the potential influence on long-term durability are unknown... ...Using a custom 3-dimenstional–printed heart simulator with porcine aortic roots (n=5), the anticommissural plication, Stanford modification, straight graft (SG), Uni-Graft, and Valsalva graft configurations were tested in series using an incomplete counterbalanced measures design, with the native root as a control, to mitigate ordering effects... ... the system is comprised of a modular 3-dimensional–printed (Carbon M2, Carbon 3D Inc., Redwood City, CA) and machined enclosure mounted to a pulsatile linear actuator (Superpump, Vivitro Labs, Vancouver, Canada).

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