Implications of hydrodynamic testing to guide sizing of self‐expanding transcatheter heart valves for valve‐in‐valve procedures

...Bench study assessed the hydrodynamic performance of different sizes of self‐expanding supra‐annular THVs in three different surgical aortic bioprostheses at different implantation depths.... ...A small versus medium ACURATE neo (ACn), and a 26 mm versus 29 mm Evolut R were assessed after VIV implantation in 25 mm Mitroflow, Mosaic, and Magna Ease aortic surgical bioprostheses, at three implantation depths (+2 mm, ‐2 mm, and ‐6 mm).... ...Use of a larger self‐expanding THV was associated with superior hydrodynamic performance if the THV was implanted high....

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