An improved implementation of block matching for motion estimation in ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound elastography has become an important procedure that provides information about the tissue dynamics and may help on the detection of tissue abnormalities. We propose a novel algorithm to perform speckle tracking, which consists in an implementation of 2D Block Matching with two enhancements: sub-pixel linear interpolation and displacement propagation, which are able to increase resolution, reduce computation time and prevent kernel mismatching errors. ... studies on their numerical analogs. Fig. 1 Section of the f20dX LV phantom. Dimensions in [mm]. METHODS Fig. 2 Experimental setup. 1 – GE Vivid 6 scanner; 2 – water tank; 3 – LV model; 4 – M4S-RS probe; 5 – windkessel; 6 – Vivitro Superpump; 7 – Pump Controller; 8 – PC. ...

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