A Semi-Stented and Chorded Mitral Valve Prosthesis: Design and Method of Chordal Setting and In Vitro Testing

Mitral subvalvular apparatus plays an important role in mitral and ventricular dynamics by preserving annuloventricular continuity, known to be fundamental for ventricular function... ...We address these issues through the design of a novel semistented and chorded mitral valve that better mimics the native mitral annulus, leaflets and chordae function and can be made from off-the-shelf biomaterials with the potential to be implanted percutaneously... … Pulse duplicator setup We performed hydrodynamic testing in the mitral position on a hydro-mechanical pulse duplicator system (Vivitro Superpump System SP3891, Vivitro, Victoria, BC, Canada), described elsewhere [4]. We used a 25mm Sorin Bicarbon bileaflet …

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