An In Vitro Feasibility Study of the Influence of Configurations and Leaflet Thickness on the Hydrodynamics of Deformed Transcatheter Aortic Valve

Clinically, the percutaneous transcatheter aortic valve (TAV) has been reported to be deformed in a noncircular configuration after its implant. The deformation is universal and various, and it leads to serious leakage and durability problems. ...the present study investigated the effects of the aortic annulus deformation and the leaflet tissue thickness on the hydrodynamics of the TAV. ... Hydrodynamic testing. The TAVs were tested in a quasi-physiological artery pulsatile flow duplicator system, which was custom remoulded to adapt the testing of deformed TAV from commercially available pulse duplicator (Pulse Duplicator; Vivitro Labs, Victoria, BC, Canada.). ...

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