Message to ViVitro Labs customers regarding COVID-19 and ViVitro Operations

Updated: April 5, 2021

This is a challenging time for all of us. The health crisis that the world is facing today is unprecedented and is forcing all to reassess the way we live together and do business.  We are all finding ways to work safely and doing everything possible to continue serving our customers around the world quickly and with the highest quality.

ViVitro expertise and resources continue to address testing needs and support R&D programs.

Since March 2020, our ISO 17025 laboratories in Marseille, France and Victoria, Canada have remained fully operational and continue to be extremely busy.

We have put strict measures in place to continue providing laboratory contract services and delivering high quality equipment while ensuring the safety of our clients and employees.

Over the past year, our testing laboratory has provided support to R&D and production teams around the world and embarked on several large projects using our standard test methods in relation to particulate matter and heart valve functional performance evaluation, as well as non-standard test methods in relation to assessing the hemodynamic performance of innovative cardiovascular devices.

We have applied our expertise in pressure and flow measurement outside our traditional cardiovascular market base, in support of the Canadian Emergency Ventilators Project. This project compacted design, development and testing of a class III device from a typical 3 year span into 3 months.

In compliance with local health authorities’ recommendations, we are maintaining a safe work environment while serving cardiovascular pioneers around the world.

StarFish Medical manufacturing operations continue to ensure current and future test equipment orders are fulfilled and delivered with minimal delay.

Field specialist, Matt Campbell is providing remote support to our customers around the world. Sales team Doug Bigrigg, Jérémie Decressac and our agents around the world continue to organize video conferences to discuss project needs. Please, contact them today to find solutions that advance your R&D projects.


Karim Mouneimne
ViVitro Labs Inc. / ProtomedLabs SASU


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