Canadian Emergency Ventilator

The Winnipeg Ventilator 2.0 was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal was to create a multi-mode ICU ventilator that could save patients’ lives, be manufactured locally, in the shortest time possible, and not disrupt the supply chain for existing ventilators. ViVitro’s expertise in verification and validation of medical devices was called for to help meet the tight time constraints required for this project.

All of the ventilator specifications for components, assemblies, and the complete ventilator needed to be tested as soon as development was complete. This meant working in parallel with the development team to offer a “just in time” verification test to ensure specifications were met. Novel test apparatus were developed and qualified. Test methods were written, validated, and users were trained. Test plans were written, data was collected, analyzed, and test report were written. All at the highest quality and under tight time constraints.


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