Cardiopulmonary Flow Loop System for Critical Care Monitoring

A client needed a flow loop that would respond to both changes in heart rate and respiration rate. This client had already purchased some ViVitro equipment and was attempting to create a flow loop on their own, when their results were not achieving the desired results, ViVitro was asked to assist.

Given that the client had already purchased two Super pumps, these were incorporated into the model. One pump would general the cardiac pressure waveforms and the other pump would generate the respiratory pressure waveforms.

Block diagram of the flow loop constructed.

A silicone vessel with a specific compliance was also required. ViVitro performed the necessary literature review in order to determine what compliance the vessel should have and had a custom model fabricated.

As this was going to be customized equipment provided to the customer, requirements and specifications were collaboratively drafted. Upon completion of the tester, onsite installation and training was performed.

Finished flow loop.

Development proceeded in two phases. This first proof of concept phase used 3D printed parts to minimize lead-time. A design spin was performed and then final customized parts were machined and assembled.

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