Multipurpose Endovascular Device Platform

A multipurpose testing platform designed to provide support for several endovascular in-vitro tests. It consists of  a flow loop system mounted on an aluminum frame. The flow loop can be connected to an anatomical model or to directly to the main tank to work under immersed conditions.

The flow loop is composed of:
– Pegboard to support the anatomical models
– Water collection tank mounted bellow the peg board and designed to collect fluid flowing from the model outlet
– Steady flow pump
– Multistage  filtration
– Heater
– Flow meter

The testing platform also has space for a data acquisition system and computer.


On board power bar and cable management are used to ensure the tester is free from trip hazards and easy to clean.  Flexible tubing and connectors are used to connect the following components: water collecting tank, reservoir, heater, pump, filters, flow meter, simulation circuit or immersion tank.

The multipurpose testing platform is designed to provide support for several endovascular in-vitro tests including particulate matter evaluation, vascular prosthesis burst testing, water permeability testing, catheter burst testing, Pushability/trackability, balloon catheter inflation deflation, balloon catheter rated burst pressure testing, simulated use testing. The platform supports other scientific equipment and instrumentation for the purpose of conducting research and development (R&D) and quality control work.

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