FAQ: Benefits of Renting or Leasing Medical Device Test Equipment

ViVitro Labs customers can now lease, rent or purchase cardiovascular test equipment. While renting or leasing test equipment is relatively commonplace in a variety of industries, medical device manufacturers have preferred to purchase test equipment outright.  The medical industry is now discovering the benefits of leasing/renting test equipment.  These benefits include:

Try before buying

With the variety of solution offerings in the Cardio Vascular Test Equipment market, buyers want to ensure they are purchasing the best equipment for their application.  Leasing allows users to test drive a solution and ensure the product will meet their requirements before incurring capital costs.

Free up cash flow

We all know that in running a business cash flow is king.  This is nowhere more important that for small medical device start-up firms.  In many cases it will be years before entering the market place with a commercially approved device.  Maintaining good cash flow can be achieved more easily by potentially leasing or renting large capital cost equipment such as test gear.  Development projects frequently change scope and purchased equipment may not be applicable for future projects, tying up valuable capital for long periods of time.

Latest Equipment Offerings

Continuous changes to advanced medical test equipment can make the solution you purchase less capable then the latest model available from production.  By leasing or renting your solution the Research and Development team is working with the latest available system.  Typically equipment that is returned from a lease or rental agreement completion is modified to incorporate the latest capabilities from the manufacturer.  In certain cases, custom modifications can be requested when leasing medical test equipment to achieve maximum results during the lease period.


Let’s not forget that expenditures for test equipment do not end with a purchase.  Service and maintenance must be considered when budgeting for such a purchase.  With a lease or rental the equipment is maintained and serviced by the manufacturer.  This not only reduces budgets but it also reduces potential down time and ensures the equipment will be serviced correctly by authorized and trained individuals using approved components.



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