FAQ: What spare parts should I have on hand for my HiCycle?


Quantity Code Description
6 HCM046 Chamber Window
6 HCM045 O-Ring Dash 036
2 06146 HiCycle Pressure Transducer Assembly
2 HCM031 U-Cup Teflon Seal 3.441”
2 HCM032 U-Cup Teflon Seal 3.286”
2 HCM054 Teflon O-Ring – modified
12 HCM060 O-Ring Dash 060
6 HCM105 O-Ring Dash 225
18 HCM021 O-Ring Dash 009
6 HCM075 O-Ring Dash 110
1 05842 Tubing
12 HCM108 Bellows
We recommend this list of parts be stocked by a lab using the ViVitro HiCycle:




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