Hydrophilic coating friction test methodology and results

October 30th, 2020

A recently conducted hydrophilic coating friction test shows how non-standardized test methods can be created to address specific cardiovascular device questions and issues.

Several well known in-vitro test methods, such as Trackability, are used to assess the functional performance of interventional devices during simulated use.  Trackability is a direct proximal measurement of the force required to advance a device in a tortuous anatomical path.

Our engineers used their knowledge of equipment handling, instrumentation, setup, traceability, documentation, calibration and qualification to develop a non-standardized test method to assess the performance of interventional medical devices in a simulated environment.  The results provide valuable input to R&D engineers during the development process.

Hydrophilic coating friction test methodology and results
The key benefit of this study is to provide a comparison between groups of samples (for example, to test several coatings or compare samples to a reference device).  

No standard exists for this test. It  has been created based on a technical paper[1].

The results given by this study have no real physiological representation, because neither the pinch force/distance nor the material of friction are physiological. During the design process for interventional devices, many parameters and choices can affect the functional performance of the final product and in the end may provide a competitive edge against similar devices on the market.

For more information on similar tests provided by ViVitro Labs, see Catheter Testing Functional Performance and Acute Particulate Matter Evaluation descriptions, or contact us directly.

[1] Biocoat Technical White Paper: “Effect of Testing Parameters on Pinch Test Results for Hydrophilic Coatings” by J. Li, J. Simon, W. Work, 2012.




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