Janet Murray receives Keep Calm and Carry On award for StarFish Group

December 11th, 2018

VICTORIA, British Columbia, December 6, 2018 – ViVitro Labs announced that Client Relations Manager, Janet Murray, received the StarFish Group’s highest honors for outstanding contributions to company success at the organization’s annual Christmas party in Victoria. Nominations are submitted by company employees and cite a variety of achievements and outstanding performance for each award.
Outstanding contributions

Brian Ives, Scott Phillips, Janet Murray

Group CEO, Scott Phillips, presented the Keep Calm and Carry On Award to Janet Murray, ViVitro Labs Client Relations Manager for “rising to the challenge of record sales and reduced staffing, taking on more and more responsibility, but always making it look easy.”

Janet accepted her award with characteristic modesty “I’d like to express heartfelt thanks and add that I’m very touched to have been acknowledged. It’s been a very busy year and I’d like to recognize that the whole team has had to step up and make incredible contributions.”

The Keep Calm and Carry On Award honors an employee who rises to challenging times with compassion and grace making employees, customers, and leadership feel more confident, positive, and well looked after. It is selected and presented by Scott Phillips.

Brian Ives, StarFish Medical Sr. Service and Assembly Technician, also received the award for wearing several hats during the year: production controller, floor manager/supervisor, shipper and handling them all with grace and confidence.

Scott Phillips describes the significance and timing of the awards, “I think of StarFish Group as a big family.  Each December we gather to take stock of the year and cerebrate. It is a chance to recognize people who have gone above and beyond for all of us. So many do great things that it’s almost impossible to choose, but it is important to reflect and thank them for their contributions.”

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