Legendary ViVitro SuperPump Pulsatile Pump Enhanced to Provide Unsurpassed Accuracy in the Testing of Surgical and Transcatheter Heart Valves, for Function and Fatigue Testing

September 13th, 2011

September 13th, 2011 – Victoria, B.C. – ViVitro Labs Inc., a global provider of cardiovascular device testing equipment and laboratory services, announces the release of the next generation of their legendary SuperPump pulsatile pump, the SuperPump AR. Assisted by their affiliate company, Starfish Medical Inc., the ViVitro SuperPump, the world’s most widely used and accurate physiological mimicking positive displacement pulsatile pump, has been redesigned and enhanced with the latest technology available. The ViVitro SuperPump AR is the first in a series of advanced prosthetic heart valve and other cardiovascular device testing equipment being developed by ViVitro. Complete press release.


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