New! DAY IN OUR LAB Cardiovascular Device Testing Option

January 31st, 2017

VICTORIA, British Columbia, January 31, 2017 – ViVitro Labs, a global leader in cardiovascular device testing, announces DAY IN OUR LAB, a cost-effective way to quickly utilize calibrated ViVitro equipment in a professional lab setting with access to world class expertise in cardiovascular device testing.

DAY IN OUR LAB gives access to ViVitro equipment and the use of one lab tech for an entire day in Victoria, Canada. This low-cost option gives immediate access to ViVitro expertise and equipment. Accelerate your development and decrease your time to market. Options include data collection and/or analysis, high speed video, consultations on technical, quality or regulatory affairs. Clients can engage as many times as they like in this manner.

– Preparation of an agenda before visit.
– Holder or device fixturing materials, need details to prepare ahead of visit.
– Access to one piece of equipment during their visit.
– Visit supported by ViVitro trained professional staff member to maximize time with the equipment.
– Unlimited High-speed Video.

ViVitro Labs testing expertise covers a wide range of cardiovascular devices. Our testing products help answer unique design-specific questions as well as perform verification and validation testing.

About ViVitro Labs
ViVitro Labs Inc. offers industry-leading cardiovascular test equipment and related laboratory testing and consulting services. Hundreds of organizations in over 40 countries for over 30 years have trusted ViVitro expertise, accuracy, and quality for their heart valve, LVAD, TAH, stent, and graft testing. ViVitro Laboratory Services holds ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation based on ISO 5840. ViVitro products are manufactured by StarFish Medical. ViVitro’s A2LA Scope of Accreditation includes the physical and mechanical testing of heart valve substitutes.

For more information please contact:
Mike Camplin
250.388.3531 x210

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