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New Services added: System Qualification Services, Product Maintenance, Upgrades and Short Term Leasing

September 25th, 2015

VICTORIA, B.C., September 25, 2015— ViVitro Labs announces three new services to help clients save money, gain time to market and ensure accuracy. System Qualification and Calibration Services, Product Maintenance, Upgrades and Short Term Leasing are designed to provide uninterrupted access to well-maintained ViVitro test equipment.

System Qualification and Calibration Services

Operational Qualification service is available for several ViVitro products and systems including. It covers initial installation, operational and / or performance qualification. ViVitro System Calibration Service confirms that products and related accessories are operating to the same specification used at the time of manufacture. These services can be provided on-site at your facility or included as part of a factory repair. Download System Qualification Brochure

Product Maintenance and Upgrades

ViVitro Labs offers a range of product maintenance options for all supported ViVitro systems. Maintenance options includes software updates and the ability to add new accessories. Standard warranty is one (1) year and an extended warranty of up to five (5) additional years is available as a purchasable option.

Short Term Leasing

Short term product leases (up to 6 months) are now available for SuperPump or HiCycle Durability Tester equipment. Save time and support short-term testing and research efforts. Download Product Maintenance, Upgrades and Short Term Leasing Brochure

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