Endovascular Simulator


Simulated use
testing & training

The Endovascular Simulator provides functional design testing for:

  • Pulsatile flow interactions
  • Positioning
  • Deployment accuracy
  • Sizing
  • Conformability
  • Trackability and pushability
  • Torquability

Designed for Easy Adaptability

The simulator’s tray is a modular platform that accommodates anatomical models for a variety of transcatheter or surgical vascular interventions. It is easily reconfigured for different model sizes and connection types.
aorta_model Aorta Model with Femoral Access
lower_leg_arterial_model Lower Leg Arterial Model
neuro_aneurysm_model Neuro Aneurysm Model
compliance_assembly A compliance assembly provides adjustable air volume to allow system tuning for a wide range of pressure conditions.

Set-up is straightforward and simple

Inlet and outlet ports can be swapped out for the optional manifold for joining the return flow paths.
inlet_outlet_port Inlet/Outlet Port
optional_manifold Optional manifold for joining return flow paths
inlet_outlet_flow Red lines indicate inlets, and outlet/return flow

A digital camera captures high resolution imagery of positioning and deployment. It can also be used to simulate fluoroscopy without the use of an expensive cath lab.

hires_video_capture_ev_sim Capture high resolution video
simulate_fluoroscopy Simulate fluoroscopy

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