Heart Valve Durability Tester

Heart Valve
Durability Tester

Accelerated wear testing
for replacement heart valves

More ViVitro Heart Valve Durability Tester Features

  • Automatic dual control system maintains optimum valve loading conditions during accelerated wear or real time testing.
  • Optimum test chamber visibility for image capture in outflow, inflow, front, lateral, and 45° viewing positions.
  • Large, customizable test chamber design fits all valve sizes and geometry and accommodates supporting structure(s).
  • True independent test modules with no fluid connections and dedicated electronics including linear electromagnetic motors, automated by-pass control, and temperature measurement.
  • Pressure design features low system mean (approx. 10 mmHg) for load reduction and increased lifespan of seals and bellows. No external pressure source or compressor required.
  • Modular system optimizes part and component
  • Standalone architecture eliminates neighboring module
  • Vertical test sample configuration minimizes gravity effects on valve leaflets, leading to symmetric wear.
  • Valve holder design facilitates chamber seal
  • Integrated anti-vibration systems minimize pressure signal disruptions and improve high speed video quality.
  • Inflow and outflow chamber annular compliance rings optimize differential pressure
  • Independent heater and temperature sensors each test module and corresponding test valve.
  • Adjustable intensity annular LED light delivers maximum high-speed imaging luminosity with minimal reflection impact.
  • Customizable valve annulus ring fits all valve
  • Adjustable outflow pressure sensor height accommodates different valve designs, including valves in conduits.
  • Camera holder ensures repeatable high-speed camera positioning, increased test image capture quality and reliability between inspection
  • Embedded safety systems include bellows leakage sensor, fluid level detector, temperature change and pressure drop monitoring.
  • Sliding test module mechanism provides test sample inflow visualization and ease of servicing.

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