Heart Valve Durability Tester

Heart Valve
Durability Tester

Accelerated wear testing
for replacement heart valves

The ViVitro Heart Valve Durability Tester with Automatic Dual Control Technology uses a proprietary software platform with a user- friendly interface. All in-software allows individual control of each test module.

  • Independent settings and controls for each test module, including stroke amplitude, fluid bypass control for differential pressure adjustment, test frequency, temperature, and many more
  • Fully software-controlled system requires no manual adjustments
  • Continuous and/or periodic data monitoring records ISO 5840 conformance as required for AWT and DFM.
  • Easy control and settings navigation between test modules
  • Integrated pressure calibration wizard
  • Waveforms display for inflow outflow pressure, differential pressure
  • Individual test module parameters display windows show passing cycles count, operating frequency, fluid temperature, peak to peak differential pressure, ¨% cycle pass, % pressure pass, and total number of passing cycles
  • Test sample identification data embedded in test log with calibration values
Continuous data log mode Cycle to cycle information (peak differential, % of cycle meeting target pressure) can be collected for a predefined periods of time and save over multiple .CSV files. Data is recorded in engineering units. Period data log mode
  • Fixed number of cycles captured
  • Periodic data report automatically generated based on user predefined parameters:
  • Ability to periodically save entire waveform with user(s) defined output data (inflow and outflow waveforms minimum capture, and other test parameters)
  • User-friendly field selector for output data

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