HiCycle Durability Tester


Accelerated wear testing
for replacement heart valves

The ViVitro HiCycle Durability Tester is used to determine the durability of replacement heart valves and other cardiac devices under physiological loading for R&D and regulatory submissions.

With the Hitest Data Acquisition System, operators can monitor pressure and collect data according to ISO 5840 standards.

The HiCycle system uses an electrodynamic motor driving six pistons within fluid-filled, temperature-controlled chambers to move the device rather than the fluid. This results in higher energy efficiency and stable fluid flow. The devices can be cycled at accelerated rates up to 1,800 cycles/minute (30 Hz)”.

Clear viewports allow imaging of the device during testing, and pressure ports allow monitoring of the dynamic pressures upstream and downstream of the device.

Each test chamber is independent of the others to offer testing flexibility.

The ViVitro HiCycle Durability Tester is cited in numerous research studies throughout the world.   Visit our Citation Database for the current list of applications and articles.

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Product Code: 15809
Related Part Numbers: 16587 HiCycle Module, 11270-B HiCycle Controller, 08531 Data Acquisition System, 08311 I/O Module, AP9991 AmPack
  • Test up to 6 device designs simultaneously
  • Electrodynamic drive mechanism is quiet, stable, and reliable
  • Temperature controlled
  • Independent chambers allow for quick device change-out and startup
  • Rotatable Scan-Valve with mounted transducers for quick pressure collection
  • Angled windows assist in chamber de-bubbling
  • Transparent materials provide flow and device visualization
  • Adjustable sync pulse to output for synchronization


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