HiCycle Durability Tester


Accelerated wear testing
for replacement heart valves

ViVitro offers a family of quality data acquisition software products to aid in collection of data to meet ISO5840 requirements including ViVitest, Hitest and QCtest. The software is pre-installed on a laptop and tested with all hardware and A-D converters prior to shipment.

Each complete system is supplied with the following components to make up a functional system:
  • I/O Module – inputs/outputs signals from the software
  • Laptop
  • Connecting cables
  • Software (ViVitest, Hitest or QCtest)
  • AmPack Pressure Measuring System including transducers and amplifier
When coupled with the HiCycle or the Real-Time Wear Tester, Hitest provides the most powerful, userfriendly tool for durability testing. Operators are able to monitor pressure and collect data through an intuitive user interface. Hitest provides accurate pressure data and statistical analysis to ensure the tested devices are meeting ISO5840 standards. The results highlight the percent of cycles and percent time per cycle the device is meeting or exceeding target pressure. ViVitro-Brochure-Download-button
  • Backwards compatible with ViVitro products
  • .Net 3 Platform
  • Configured for 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems
  • Installer allows for easy updates
  • Singular program eliminates the need for intrusive third party software
Product Code: 08531 Data Acquisition System
PN 08311 I/O Module and AP9991 AmPack
Easy to read interface Easy to read interface   download user manual

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