Pulse Duplicator


The world’s most
widely-used heart model
  • Flow and pressure readings can be collected and analyzed in real-time, meeting ISO 5840 requirements
  • Controls pulsatile fluid flows to simulate various cardiac flow conditions including arrhythmia, normal, hypo and hypertensive states at an assortment of cardiac outputs and beat rates
  • Transducer sites allow measurement of wall pressures in the atrium, ventricle, and aortic outflow tract
  • Flow can be measured directly at the aortic or mitral sites
  • Simulates cardiovascular peripheral resistance and compliance
  • Thin acrylic windows permit echo imaging, Doppler flow measurements, and PIV for interrogation of flow field regions
  • Allows hydrodynamic testing of heart valve replacements in order to assess mechanical and hemodynamic performance
  • Ventricle membrane to replicate the natural chamber flow
  • Accessories are available for testing other implantable cardiac devices including Occluder and Closure Devices.
Testing Capabilities and Applications
  • Surgical valves (Mechanical and Biological)
  • Stentless valves
  • Structural heart and peripheral vascular devices
  • Occluder and Closure Devices (with customization)
  • Evaluate LVAD or other assist devices (with customization)
Pump & MLH
53 x 92 x 45 cm
DAS & Flow System
48 x 33 x 32 cm
Dry weight: Actuator +
Model Heart (Left or Right) + VIA
18 kg
Dry weight:
Flow Measuring System
5.6 kg
Operating Voltage
90-240 VAC / 50-60Hz
Temperature range
Ambient to 40°C ± 1.0°C
Flow rate
0 - 15 L/min
Heart rate
3 - 200 bpm
Valve size Aortic
Up to 035mm
Valve size Mitral
Up to 035mm (*070mm with Large Atrium Accessory)
Power Consumption
SuperPump pulsatile pump
Max 300W
Max 10W
Heat Bath*
Heater Capacity 1.2kW
Flow Meter*
*We recommend connecting the Flow Meter to a different circuit than the Heat Bath. The Flow Meter is a sensitive measurement instrument and the large Heat Bath current draw can cause minor disturbances in the flow measurements when the heater switches on.

It really is like an industry standard.  I love the machine.

Dr. Michel Labrosse
University of Ottawa

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