Real-Time Wear Tester

Wear Tester

Flexible, multi-device testing

The ViVitro Real-Time Wear Tester (RWT) is a quasi-real-time wear tester for heart valve replacements, venous Valve replacements, occluder devices, cardiac patches or strips, medical sutures, staples or clips, and other cardiovascular devices. It can be customized for devices and device mounting arrangements (including conduit mounted valves and large prosthetic heart valves).

The RWT gives users full control over the waveform driving the system while testing numerous devices simultaneously.

With the Hitest Data Acquisition System, RWT operators are able to collect and analyze pressure data according to ISO5840 standards through an intuitive user interface. Quasi-real-time results may identify failure modes similar to animal tests for prosthetic heart valves.

  • Each tester is equipped with six chambers and able to test up to six devices simultaneously
  • Customizable waveform input
  • Durability and fatigue testing up to 200 cpm

Testing Capabilities:

  • Heart Valve Replacements
  • Venous Valve Replacements
  • Occluder Devices
  • Cardiac Patches or Strips
  • Medical Sutures, Staples or Clips
  • Other Cardiovascular Devices

Read our FAQ: How do I mount my device in the ViVitro RWT?

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