Real-Time Wear Tester

Wear Tester

Flexible, multi-device testing
  • Operator control over input waveform
  • User interface designed for easy waveform download
  • Controller stores up to 5 waveforms to drive the SuperPump
  • Visible operation for easy viewing and image capture of testing in progress or real-time inspection
  • Easy access cartridges for quick valve change-out
  • Ability to test prosthetic heart valves and other cardiovascular devices including Occluder and Closure Devices
  • Tests up to six devices simultaneously
  • Durability and fatigue testing up to 200 BPM (Beats Per Minute)
Device Capacity
1 - 6
Dry Weight
Controller: 8 kg, Actuator + Tank: 46 kg
95 cm x 37 cm x 43 cm
Tank Volume
30 L
Temperature Control
up to 40°C ± 0.5°C
Resettable Cycle Counter
0 – 99,999 Million – resolution of 1,000 cycles
Cycle Rate
30 – 200 BPM
Power Consumption
Max 300W
Max 10W
Heat Bath*
Heater Capacity 1.2kW

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