Pulsatile pump for
physiological cardiac flows

What is a Pulsatile Blood Pump? A pulsatile pump generates a pulsating output and can be used replicate the volumetric displacement, displacement waveform shape, and beat rate of the heart. They can be used to create physiological cardiac flows for in vitro testing and development of cardiovascular medical devices.

The ViVitro SuperPump pulsatile pump is a digitally controlled hydraulic piston that creates physiological cardiac flows that are unsurpassed in reliability, functionality, and versatility, the AR Series digital technology provides maximum control with precision accuracy. The SuperPump pulsatile blood pump works with ViVitro or independently produced accessories to create reliable cardiac flows for any type of cardiovascular device.

The ViVitro SuperPump pulsatile pump is used in numerous studies throughout the world.   Visit our Citation Database for the current list of applications and articles.

The SuperPump pulsatile pump provides maximum operator control with precision accuracy. The pump can be controlled by preconfigured waveforms or by customizable ViViTest software input.


  • Provides controlled pulsatile flow
  • Digital motor with high torque to inertia ratio provides smooth and reliable functionality
  • Controller offers variable amplitude and monitors position and velocity
  • Made with materials that are chemically compatible with most sterilization and testing solutions
  • Arrhythmia and wave train function
  • Piston-in-cylinder pump head design
  • Proven history of reliability


The SuperPump AR is pre-loaded with up to 5 waveforms stored on the controller which enables the pump to be used as a standalone device. Custom waveforms may also be stored on the controller for standalone use.

The ViVitro SuperPump AR Series can be driven by external waveform sources giving flexibility for waveform input. Function generators, personal computers with I/O functionality, custom hardware, microcontroller development boards, and even smartphones can directly control the flow output of the pump. SuperPump feedback can be captured using an oscilloscope or other acquisition device to monitor waveform accuracy. A major advantage of the ViVitro Labs SuperPump AR is its ability to accurately follow user-defined waveforms. The system can provide accurate flows for a wide variety of applications.

Our new data sheet explains this in detail.  Here are some highlights:

There are four options for running our fluid pump with waveforms:

  • Pre-loaded waveforms
  • ViViGen software to create and upload custom waveforms (ViViGen software is now included with the SuperPump!)
  • External Waveform sources including function generators, PCs with I/O functionality, hardware, micro-controller development boards, and even smartphones
  • ViViTest software to drive the controller directly while performing tests

Download the Data Sheet or call or email us to learn more about ViVitro Labs Waveform options.


Contact us for more details about how the ViVitro SuperPump can expand and enhance your device testing capabilities.


Product Code: 10647

Pulsatile Pump Testing Capabilities

  • Heart valve function testing
  • Peripheral devices
  • Vascular devices
  • Aortic Valve By-Pass
  • LVADs simulator
  • Flow transducer evaluation/calibration
  • Isolated heart driver
  • Echo Doppler flow phantom
  • Neurovascular studies
  • Blood vessel flow studies
  • MRI studies
  • Bioreactors & Incubators
  • Applications requiring physiological flows and pressure
  • Other cardiovascular devices


Pulsatile Pump Specifications

15 x 55 x 17 cm
11 x 48 x 33 cm

Dry Weight
7.65 kg
4.7 kg

90 - 240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz

Cycle Rate
3 – 200 BPM

Displacement Volume
0 – 180 mL

Piston Area
38.32 cm²

Waveform Accuracy
<4% of Stroke Volume at 70 BPM (±3mL @ 75 mL/stroke )
<5% of Stroke Volume at 200 BPM (±3.8mL @ 75 mL/stroke )
Pressure Limit 360 mmHg** (**Varies depending on operating conditions )

Standard Waveforms
Physio at 70 BPM - (complex physiological waveform) Sine 30% at 45 BPM Sine 35% at 70 BPM Sine 50% at 70 BPM Sine 50% at 120 BPM

Sync Pulse
+5V signal for 10ms duration
Adjustable from 0 to 2000ms delay

Power Consumption
Max 300W

Please see FAQ for more information on SuperPump pressure limits.

ViViGen + ViViTest Software

ViViGen software is now included with the SuperPump! ViViGen software enables users to create and upload custom waveforms to the SuperPump.

Sinusoidal or linear waveforms can be modified with the ViViGen interface. Complex waveforms can be created numerically in a spreadsheet for more precision. Waveforms are sent via USB interface from the computer directly to the controller. ViViGen software is intended for third party testing systems, and use with wide ranges of waveforms. ViViTest software is the most advanced solution for the ViVitro SuperPump AR Series system. It includes all of the waveform generation and review capabilities of ViViGen software, but drives the controller directly during testing. There is no limit to the number of waveforms that can be stored in ViViTest. Users can quickly change between large numbers of waveforms. ViViTest also offers advanced waveform control features such as custom wavetrains with up to 10 unique waveforms and custom cubic spline interpolated waveform generation with up to 20 segments. The ViViTest control system inputs a waveform to the SuperPump while the data acquisition system captures and analyzes physiological pressures and valve flow rates.     Data Acquisition
  • Flow and pressure readings can be collected and analyzed in real time meeting ISO 5840, ISO 5840-3 and FDA requirements
  • Calibration wizards walk new users through the set up process, facilitating a wide array of data collection options.
  • Collects pressure and flow data for complete hydrodynamic performance.
  • Provides output files in versatile formats for easy analysis in Excel and MatLab
Waveform Control
  • Ability to create and control cardiac waveforms at various physiological states and frequencies, including arrhythmia and wave trains
  • Waveforms can be easily created with up to 1200 control statements
Product Code: PDA2010 Data Acquisition System
PN 08311 I/O Module and AP9991 AmPack
  • Backwards compatible with ViVitro products
  • .Net 3 Platform
  • Configured for 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems
  • Installer allows for easy updates
  • Singular program eliminates the need for intrusive third party software

ViViGen and ViViTest software feature easy-to-read information screens.


Pump Head

Product Code: 16796

The ViVitro Pump Head can be used with the ViVitro SuperPump to create a circulatory, pulsatile flow loop. The Pump Head accommodates ventricular pressure monitoring using Luer fittings. It may be mounted directly to the SuperPump or can be used in conjunction with the ViVitro Viscoelastic Impedance Adaptor to attenuate pressure traces.

  • Silicone ventricle membrane to isolate SuperPump piston from test fluid.
  • Low closing volume spring loaded disc valves
  • 13mm (½”) hose connectors
  • Easy to debubble
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
GDZ Pump Head 1314

Viscoelastic Impedance Adapter (VIA)

Product Code: VIA7991

The ViVitro Viscoelastic Impedance Adapter (VIA) works in conjunction with the SuperPump to produce more realistic physiological ventricular pressures. It consists of a fixed resistive element and two adjustable compliance chambers to simulate ventricular viscoelastic behavior.

  • Adjustable dP/dt ratio to produce both physiological and diseased cardiac models
  • Filters high frequency noise when testing prosthetic valves and aortic conduits
  • Easily adjusted
Fixed resistance
200 c.g.s. units
Compliance air volumes
SOURCE 0-120 ml, OUTPUT 0-60 ml, syringe adjustable
Total liquid volume
500 ml with SOURCE / OUTPUT compliance air volumes zero
Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Delrin, Nylon, Polyethylene, Stainless Steel, Viton

Ex Vivo Simulator

Product Codes: 29348: Ex Vivo System Bundle / 10647: SuperPump System / 25654: Compliance Assembly 30146: Accessories / 29300: Tray Assembly

The Ex Vivo Simulator uses a ViVitro Labs SuperPump to generate physiological flows in an excised heart for bench top testing. The system can model either the left or right heart, or two systems can be combined to generate a four chamber model.

  • The Ex Vivo beating heart combines clinical anatomical similarity with controllable physiological flow and pressure signatures for bench top testing. This results in repeatability and ease of use, and anatomical and functional performance previously only found in animal models.
  • Access sites at the arteries, atrium and apex allow for the insertion of catheters and other devices. Optional pressure transducers and data acquisition system acquire the arterial, ventricular and atrial pressures and a flow meter measures the cardiac output of the simulator.
  • Investigate valve movement with an endoscope or ultrasound. Pathological states such as low ejection fractions and high beat rates can be simulated with the heart via the SuperPump. Degenerative and functional mitral regurgitation can be simulated by severing the mitral chords and pressurizing the left ventricle, respectively.

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