September 4th, 2020

ProtomedLabs is now ViVitro Labs SASU

Victoria, Canada and Marseille, France- September 4, 2020 – For immediate release


ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in Marseille, France and Victoria, BC, Canada, will operate under one brand and expand contract testing and customization capabilities beyond heart valve testing

(Victoria, Canada and Marseille, France) September 04, 2020 – ViVitro Labs, the industry-leading provider of cardiovascular device test equipment and related consulting services, announces official name change of ProtomedLabs SASU to ViVitro Labs SASU, an ISO 17025 accredited medical device testing laboratory based in Marseille France. The two divisions will now operate under the name ViVitro Lab.

Following the acquisition of ProtomedLabs SASU, France by ViVitro Labs Inc., Canada in July 2019, the two ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, located in Marseille, France and Victoria, BC, Canada, are diligently working on harmonizing processes to offer reliable and repeatable testing services to customers around the world.

Karim Mouneimne, President of ViVitro Labs Inc. and ViVitro Labs SASU, said, “The new organization extends ViVitro Labs brand name in Europe and extends the company’s contract testing and customization capabilities beyond heart valve testing.  ViVitro Labs can now offer a broad range of contract testing services for heart valves prosthesis, vascular prosthesis, stent, catheters, and any innovative interventional cardiovascular device.

Our team of experts and engineers are in position to address device testing needs and engineer solutions at any stage of the device development process.”

Please contact ViVitro Labs business development managers and local representatives in your region to discuss your testing projects and your test equipment needs.

About ViVitro Labs

ViVitro Labs Inc., Canada, offers industry-leading cardiovascular test equipment and related laboratory testing and consulting services. Hundreds of organizations in over 39 countries for 35 years have trusted ViVitro expertise, accuracy, and quality for their heart valve, LVAD, TAH, stent, and graft testing. ViVitro Laboratory Services holds ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation based on ISO 5840. ViVitro Labs products are manufactured by StarFish Medical in Victoria, Canada. (see our ISO 17925 scope of accreditation for Marseille, France and Victoria, Canada).

ViVitro Labs SASU, Marseille, France, is an ISO 17025 accredited medical device testing laboratory which provides responsive turnkey engineering solutions in device testing for companies developing implantable and interventional cardiovascular devices.

For more information please contact:

ViVitro Labs Inc.

Mike Camplin

Director of Marketing

+1.250.388.3531 x210


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ProtomedLabs now ViVitro Labs SASU Press Release

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