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Adjustment of cycle rate

Dr. Klaus Barthel asked 3 years ago

How can I adjust the cycle rate on our system? On the front panel I ca only adjust the amplitude.

Cesar Augusto Oleinik Luzia replied 3 years ago

Hi! I adjust on Programmed Waveform Generator, where there are adjustable frequencies, since 45 up to 200 cycles per minute.

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Joe McMahen answered 3 years ago

Hello Dr. Barthel,
On the SuperPump AR, there is are two options for operating at different cycle rates:

  1. Run the system on External waveform mode
  2. Load modified waveform files onto the SuperPump Controller memory.

To run the system on External waveform mode, press the ‘Menu’ button, select ‘1 Waveform Source’, and select ‘External’.  The SuperPump can then be controlled by an external waveform generator connected to the ‘Waveform In’ BNC connector on the back of the Controller.  A recommended method of generating waveforms is to use ViVitest software and the ViVitro Labs I/O Module.  ViVitest allows the user to create custom waveforms (complex, or sinusoidal), as well as toggle cycle rate values for a selected waveform.
To create modified waveforms to load in the Controller memory, ViViGen software can be used.  ViViGen allows users to create modified waveforms, including custom cycle rates, and then load the waveforms from the PC directly to the SuperPump controller.  The waveform (with corresponding cycle rate) can then be selected by pressing the ‘Menu’ button, selecting ‘1 Waveform Source’, and selecting the new waveform.
For further information, please see the following SuperPump video:

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