Connecting transducers and third party devices

Connecting transducers and third party devices to ViVitro equipment is easy and straightforward in ViVitro Labs test equipment. We often get asked about the pressure transducers used in our Pulse Duplicator and HiCycle products. They were selected based on performance, accuracy and relative low cost.  This allows them to be disposed of, or cleaned, when used with various blood analogues.

As the system gets modified and adopted for non-valve applications, the provided transducers may no longer be ideal. ViViTest software and Data Acquisition System are designed to accommodate any third party pressure and flow measurement tools which are capable of an analog output.

The first step in connecting a third party measurement device is to locate the correct port on the I/O module. Channel 1, 2 and 3 are for pressure signals and channel 5 is for a flow signal. The maximum signal which can be applied is +/-10VDC.

Once they are connected and powered on, start ViViTest on your PC. You will need to select the calibration tab to set the DC offset (if present) and perform a calibration. This calibration wizard will walk you through adjusting the inputs to display correctly in ViViTest and to match the known outputs of our SuperPump AR pulsatile pump.

Once the calibration is complete, the pressure and flow data shown in the Acquire tab will be accurate and ready for collection.

If you have any questions about connecting transducers or third party devices to ViVitro equipment, or our products in general please contact for more details.


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