Pressures displayed in ViViTest graph do not match values shown in data table

This is because of the Static Head Compensation feature in ViVitest. Due to the height difference between the pressure sensors, the ventricular pressure is used as a reference pressure and pressure is “added” to the atrial and aortic pressure to normalize them to the level of the ventricular pressure.

The “Static Head Compensation check box” (Shown below) changes the graphs to either show the static head applied (checked), which is best used for determining differential pressures or periods, or without the static head (unchecked) which makes the graph match the numerical displays and display absolute pressures.

Please note that regardless of whether the check box is checked or not, the static head calculations are applied in the data table as appropriate. We recommend using the summary table in ViVitest for accurate values. Do not zoom into the curve to obtain a value.

Applying Static Head Compensation is best for determining differential pressures or periods. Graph numbers will not match the summary data.

Leaving Static Head Compensation unchecked makes the graph data match numerical displays and display absolute pressures.

A ViViTest pressure calibration wizard walks the user through the static head calibration process. Refer to the Pulse duplicator manual 17463 for more information.


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