Why is test method validation superior using Interlaboratory studies?

Dual accreditation enables ViVitro to provide the highest level of test method validation through Interlaboratory studies.  Interlaboratory studies are designed to identify factors that can impact the accuracy and validity of results that would not be otherwise be captured in single lab test method validation studies.

ViVitro Labs is proud to hold dual ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation under A2LA for our Victoria and Marseille Laboratories. Even when a proper gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R) study has been conducted to ensure precision, biases in the measurement can still affect the accuracy of test results. Where measurement accuracy is critical, undetected biases can lead to costly false positive results.  Interlaboratory studies complement single-lab test method validation by revealing hidden biases that impact validity of result. Detecting and addressing these factors are crucial for obtaining reliable measurement results, reducing the risk of costly errors. ViVitro Labs ISO 17025 scope of accreditation covers:


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