Technical Services

ViVitro strives to ensure 1 day response to all service enquiries whether by email or phone for support or RMA return of failed products.

The following options are available for all ViVitro systems:

  • Repair failed units supported by ViVitro
  • Loaner equipment available for lease while unit is being repaired
  • Tune unit to original factory specification
  • Clean and maintain unit for all parts that experience wear and tear
  • Upgrade software to latest revision
  • Add new accessories to increase system capabilities

ViVitro can offer a customized annual service contract based on the above range of services tailored to suit your needs and installed base.



ViVitro offers a 2 day system qualification at the client’s facility. Included in this service are:

Installation Qualification

  • Conformance certificate – safety and emissions
  • Verification and maintenance schedules
  • Review of lab facilities

Operational Qualification

  • Leakage test
  • Ensure client has test protocols
  • Functional test
  • Verification test
  • User training sign-off

Performance Qualification

  • Test against ISO 5840 requirements for accuracy and range
  • Includes testing the accuracy of flow, pressure and drive outputs


ViVitro’s System Verification Service confirms that products and related accessories are operating to the same specification used at time of manufacture. Based upon the product, service areas may include: beat rate, stroke displacement, position accuracy and waveform. A verification certificate is provided with each product upon completion of the verification. This service is available on-site or at the ViVitro factory.

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