ViVitro offers training courses covering essential topics for our products. Courses can be customized to suit your product configuration and your team’s training requirements.

SuperPump 1 day
Pulse Duplicator 3 days
EV Simulator 3 days
HiCycle 2 days
Real-time Wear Tester 2 days

Topics covered include:

  • Assembly, Setup, Calibration
  • Running the system
  • Collecting Data
  • Analyzing Data
  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Training is available at your facility or at ViVitro Labs in Victoria, BC. Canada. Class size is typically limited to 5 people to ensure adequate hands on time.

Non-product Courses

In addition to product training, our regularly scheduled courses include:

  • Refresher training for new staff
  • ISO 5840 overview
  • Application specific training for LVADs, Occluders and other repair devices

Please contact us  to discuss your training requirements.



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