ViVitro currently offers online training courses covering essential topics for our products. Courses can be customized to suit your product configuration and your team’s training requirements.

SuperPump 1 day
Pulse Duplicator 3 days
EV Simulator 3 days
HiCycle 2 days
Real-time Wear Tester 2 days

Topics covered include:

  • Assembly, Setup, Calibration
  • Running the system
  • Collecting Data
  • Analyzing Data
  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Training is currently conducted online and sessions are available to multiple sites in your organization simultaneously. Class size is typically limited to 5 people to ensure adequate hands on time.

Non-product Courses

In addition to product training, our regularly scheduled courses include:

  • Refresher training for new staff
  • ISO 5840 overview
  • Application specific training for LVADs, Occluders and other repair devices

Please contact us  to discuss your training requirements.

Professor Leon Neethling, Vice President, Cardiovascular Technologies, Anteris Technologies, describes his experience with ViVitro’s virtual Pulse Duplicator training:


“We got to know the machine in about six to eight hours of online training and we were fine to go.

After the first few training sessions, we decided to start working with a machine. If we had figures in the data or results that we were not quite sure about, we could go to Matt and give him our results.

He then came back with answers or even discussions in the next training session. That was very useful and helpful. We knew we were on track with everything.”

Matt Campbell trains Prof. Leon Neething online.

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