Percutaneous Access Device

Product Code: 18496 (Transapical Access), 18497 (Transfemoral Access)

ViVitro Labs offers two standard methods of deploying percutaneous devices into the Pulse Duplicator system; either Transfemoral or Transapical access (Aortic and Mitral). Additional methods can be customized by ViVitro Labs. engineering group.

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  • Transapical access can be rotated to access aortic or mitral valves
  • Catheter insertion with little to no fluid loss during pulsatile operation
  • Replaceable valves
  • Easy to disassemble and clean

Percutaneous Catheter Access enables the deployment of transcatheter devices in an active Pulse Duplicator while the flow loop is operating under pressure. The Percutaneous Catheter Access is designed to accommodate up to 34 French deployment devices and mounts easily to a ViVitro Model Heart (Left or Right).

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