Pulse Duplicator Characterization Valve Kit

Product Code: 56468 SJM MECHANICAL, 25MM

ISO 5840-2:2021 and 5840-3:2021 now require performance characterization of pulse duplicator system performance. The ViVitro Labs Pulse Duplicator characterization valve kit includes an ISO 5840:2021 ViVitro Labs Pulse Duplicator test setup and St. Jude Master’s valve with certified results for the ViVitro Pulse duplicator. Clients can then test this valve in their own system, using the same conditions, and show that their system gives the expected results.

Each 25 mm St Jude Master Valve is tested under a ViVitro Labs standard protocol using an ISO 17025 validated test method. For each sample, the ViVitro Labs Pulse Duplicator is setup and calibrated. The hydrodynamic performance test is conducted under 1 flow condition (5L/min) at 70 bpm.  The valve certificate is supported by the final report.  The certificate forms a turn-key recipe for clients to follow, obtain similar results and validate their test method against an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

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  • St. Jude Master’s Valve
  • ViVitro Labs Pulse Duplicator test setup configuration
  • Certificate with St. Jude Master’s Valve test results
  • Changes to ISO 5840:2021

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