Heart Valve Testing Specialists, ViVitro Labs Wins Business Excellence Award for Professional Services

April 19th, 2012

April  19,  2012  – Victoria, B.C. – ViVitro Labs is honored to be the recipient of the 2012 Business Excellence Award for Professional Services, sponsored by the Business Examiner.  Recognizing a company that demonstrates achievements in its industry and contributes to the local business community’s recognition and prosperity, this award reflects the strength and combined expertise of the ViVitro team. ViVitro Labs enjoys a global presence and world renown for their prosthetic heart valve test equipment, laboratory services, and custom engineering services that enable the industry’s most advanced cardiovascular devices to be tested for safety, efficacy, and regulatory approval. Complete press release.

“Our  success  is  a  direct  result  of  the  combined  passion,  dedication,  and  expertise  of  each  member  of  our  team,”  states  Satya  Karri,  Director  of  Laboratory  Services  at  ViVitro  Labs,  “We  recognize  the  value  of  our  work  and  we  function  as  a  highly  effective  unit  to  deliver  the  very  best  to  our  clients  and  our  industry.”  The  team’s  award  success  comes  on  the  heels  of  a  very  successful  launch  of a  new  product,  the  ViVitro  SuperPump  AR,  the  first  in  a  series  of  advanced  testing  equipment  for  prosthetic  heart  valves,  Total  Artificial  Hearts  (TAHs),  stents,  LVADS,  and  other  cardiovascular  devices.”

The  recent  release  of another  product  in  early  2012, the  ViVitro  Endovascular  (EV)  Simulator, was  met  with  significant  interest  from  the  cardiovascular  research  community  and  is  promising  to  be  a  staple  in  testing  facilities  worldwide.  Informed  by client  feedback  and Karri’s  research  achievements  and  experience,  the  ViVitro  team  of  engineers,  industrial  designers,  and  laboratory  technicians  work  together  to  create  products  and  services  that  directly  address  the  cardiovascular  industry’s  need  for  reliable,  accurate,  and  swift  testing capabilities.

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