Endovascular Simulator


Simulated use
testing & training

The ViVitro Endovascular Simulator creates physiological pulsatile flow and pressures for testing many types of cardiovascular devices and can be used for any portion of the cardiovascular system.

Our vascular flow platform brings physiological pulsatility to anatomical models for research and development. The simulator can easily be reconfigured for bench top, cath lab or portable cart installation.

The Endovascular Simulator addresses requirements of ISO 5840, ISO 25539, and ISO 7198 standards as they include simulated use guidelines.

Control a live cardiac flow in a standalone configuration. Using the ViVitro SuperPump pulsatile pump, the simulator’s programmable waveform system delivers physiological pulsatile flow. Test a variety of endovascular medical devices and delivery systems by adding anatomical models, including abnormalities or custom patient-specific models.

Simulated-use testing

Use the simulator to demonstrate that devices can be delivered and deployed in a safe, consistent and accurate manner within the intended implant site and with intended use conditions.

The ViVitro Endovascular Simulator is cited in numerous research studies throughout the world. Visit our Citation Database for the current list of applications and articles.


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Product Code: Tray 30543 // Compliance 25654

The Endovascular Simulator provides functional design testing for:

  • Pulsatile flow interactions
  • Deployment accuracy
  • Sizing
  • Conformability
  • Trackability and pushability
  • Torquability


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