Cardiac Flow Loop System for Critical Care Monitoring

Using the ViVitro Super Pump or Endovascular Simulator as a starting point, many flow loops have been customized to a clients specific needs.

A client had a duel lumen catheter that was inserted into the inferior vena cava. This catheter was used to both deliver therapy and monitor therapy levels in the blood stream. Due to the location in the inferior vena cava there was a risk that during  low flow periods the sampling port of the catheter would start capturing the therapy delivery port outlet, leading to erroneous readings.

Comparing Inferior Vena Cava flow reported in the literature to what was obtained in the ViVitro Loop. Note: As a worst case minimum flow was to reach as close to zero flow as possible.

To test this risk the geometry and flow characteristics of the inferior vena cava needed to be reproduced. A further concern was that the therapy could not accumulate in the flow loop, so the loop was one way and after being used the test fluid needed to be discarded. This involved a large reservoir that continuously re-supplied the system with fresh fluid.

Inferior Vena Cava flow loop model. Note silicone tubing was replaced with anatomical silicone for actual client testing

This test was required for a particular submission and was conducted as a customized laboratory service.

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